About Trimming and Pruning Marijuana Plants

by budtrimmer

If you are growing marijuana plants at home, you know the importance of trimming and pruning for plants for a good harvest.  Pruning a plant of marijuana is important because it puts a check on uncontrolled and haphazard growth. This is when a bud trimmer or a trimming machine comes in handy. A trimming machine cuts away all the unwanted growth in a jiffy, leaving you with a neat plant that gives you a healthy yield of crop. The need for pruning and trimming Pruning marijuana plants is the process in which the unwanted foliage or the dead leaves are removed. This is a process that is recommended for all marijuana plant growers, whether you are growing them in a bud trimmer 300x225 About Trimming and Pruning Marijuana Plantsgarden or are an indoor grower. Pruning and trimming your marijuana plants with a bud trimmer not only makes the process simpler and faster, it also helps in bringing about focussed growth in the good areas of the plant. However when you are pruning your plant do not over prune as it leads to the shock of the plant and it may wither away altogether. Like in the process of pruning, you have be very careful about trimming your marijuana plant as well and follow the proper method of trimming. Trimming of a marijuana plant with a leaf trimmer must be spread out over a few weeks from the pre harvest period to the time of harvest. It is important to remove out all the dead leaves and reach out for the live plant during the season of harvest. Usually the older leaves right at the top of the plant that are also the largest in size should be the ones that should be trimmed out first. Why opt for a trimming machine                                 An automatic trimming machine or a bud trimmer is a simple tool that accelerates the process of trimming and pruning your marijuana plant, thus reducing your effort. You can now do all your trimming and pruning work in a matter of minutes, as this is a machine that gives 12 cuts per second, and is lightweight and powerful as well. With an automatic trimming machine handy, you need not sit for hours or sometimes days at end trying to hand trim your harvest. Those who have done it in the past know just how troublesome this can be. Some try hiring help during harvest season, but one also knows how difficult it is to find a reliable trimmer who will do the job with as much care as you would yourself. No such fear with the bud trimmer or the trimming machine at hand. These are machines that are so designed to remove the flowers and the buds from the stem portion of the plant. The matter that is cut from the leaf is collected at the bottom of the bag like structure, so that it works out the best for you, without creating a mess. So if you are close to the harvest of your marijuana plants and are still relying on the old school method, switch to an automatic trimming machine right away.

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